Why Ties?


Early on, I chose a career where neckties were an important part of my wardrobe.  Having the right tie was an important part of feeling put together.  Whether giving a presentation to some colleagues, visiting with a new client, or just laying some ground work with that new waitress at my favorite lunch spot, the tie defined me.


A tie can be your only sense of identity in a world of dark suits and dress shirts.  After years of searching for men's ties that held a good knot, were simple, clean, bold, and thick, I was often left wanting. Even if I was able to find the right tie, I grew tired of spending half a day’s pay to buy it.  It seemed like everywhere I went retailers were charging me 300% for the brand name. 


You may wonder how I am able to sell these beauties for much less than the ties sold on 5th Avenue and Jermyn Street.  Even though they are made on the same production line as those brands, I bring them to you at a cost that is reasonable and affordable.  Why such a difference in cost?  Real estate, employees, ego.   (I have very little of all three.)


So enjoy. My goal is to provide you with enough great designs to make choosing difficult and at a price that encourages you to buy an irresponsible amount of neckwear. Good luck.