Why Woven?

You may have given little thought to buying a 'woven' tie before. Just as a good suit, a dress shirt, or a sweater are made differently than ones made at a "big chain where people don't get out of their pajamas to shop there", so is a good tie.  Woven ties have stood the test of time for good reason.


Why Woven?

A woven tie consists of taking taut threads and interlacing other threads lengthwise.  Depending on the quality of the silk used, this can have a dramatic impact on the look, style and sheen of the tie. Woven ties often have unique and eye-popping patterns, compared to many printed silk ties.

All Jack Franklin ties are hand-woven on the finest Italian weavers.  This combination of high-quality and attention to detail creates amazing patterns, depth, and style in Jack Franklin ties.  Take a look at the high resolution image associated with each tie to see the pattern for yourself.

Woven Jack Franklin ties:

  • Improved texture from high quality silk
  • Eye-popping patterns compared to silk prints
  • Quality found in expensive brand name ties