Not All Ties are Created Equal -- How to Choose a Tie Wisely

What makes a Jack Franklin tie unique?

Not all ties are created equally. Anyone who has worn a $150 tie knows the difference texture, silk quality and thickness make in how the knot ties, how it hangs, and how it looks on the suit. Most expensive ties aren't over $100 because of the tie itself, but because of the real estate a store costs, brand ego that adds to the price, and margins designed to make up for other items.

I don't have any of that. Here's what I do have:

  • Silk - 100% of the highest quality silk
  • Woven ties - An added layer of quality which adds texture to the designs
  • Italian weavers - only the finest ties are made on the finest Italian weavers
  • Wool interlining - a good tie is defined by its weight. All Jack Franklin ties contain an extra layer of wool interlining
  • Hand sewn - need I say more?

All Jack Franklin ties use the finest silk available. They are then run through Italian weavers to ensure the best quality fabric and just the right texture. You'll notice in all of our close-up pictures the texture that these weavers create.

The ties are given wool interlining, adding a layer of thickness that helps tie a beautiful knot. The ties are all hand-sewn for ultimate quality and perfection.

I've traveled across Europe to find the best fabric, the best designs, and the best quality ties. I'm so confident you'll love a Jack Franklin tie, that I back it with a no questions asked return policy.

Jack Franklin Philosophy

Ties are just the beginning. My goal is to sell high-quality items that have traditionally been hard to buy at a reasonable price. We started with ties, but hope to bring cuff links, collar stays, belts, leather bags, and many more products that our customers want. If I can do it at the same quality as the expensive brands and at a reasonable cost, I'll post it on the site.